Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where Does The Time Go??

You are two months old now sweet Greyson! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I may or may not be having a mini heart attack about how quickly these last 8 weeks have passed by. I look at MC and realize that before I know it you will be running around the house with her...

These last few weeks have been quite the roller coaster. Between being diagnosed with laryngotracheomalacia and getting your reflux under control, I have have pretty much lost what little sanity I have left {sigh}. However, on the bright side, I think we are slowly getting things under control and getting into our groove. I have meticulously planned and typed our daily family schedule so that we can get this house running like a well oiled machine and everyone knows what happens, when it happens, and who is supposed to do it. This has been incredibly helpful for the hubs who claims he doesn't know what needs to be done. {larger sigh} I've assigned specific chores to specific days so that he knows EXACTLY what the cleaning fairy has been doing and can start pitching in when she goes back to work. I digress...

Back to sweet baby Grey. Here are the things we want to remember about your adorable two-month-old self!

1. One day after your one month birthday you smiled for the first time. Melted.my.heart. I had forgotten what an amazing experience that first smile is. Now I like to call you Mr.Smiley Pants. You LOVE to smile at: mommy and daddy when we make faces, at MC, your red Baby Einstein crab, and the mobiles above your crib and your lamb swing.

2. You've started being quite the conversationalist. You "talk" to all of us all the time and it is so precious. You also love to talk to the lambs on your mobile above your swing. Adorable.

3. You are not a fan of baby carriers. I've tried putting you in two different kinds and you are just having no part of it.

4. The pediatric pulmonologist and your pediatrician have recommended adding some rice cereal to your bottle to help with your reflux and laryngotracheomalacia. We've been on this gig for a few days and it seems to be helping a little - however now you'll probably following in your sister's Michellan man footsteps! Rolls for days!

5. You sleep 5-6 hours at night before you wake up to eat which I think is pretty nice. Last night you even went 7 hours. After eating you will go right back to sleep so I guess we couldn't ask for more at this point!

6. You are still toxic. Like, cover your nose and RUN toxic. All boy I suppose ;)

7. You are huge. Not fat, just BIG. You have outgrown most of your 3 month onesies and are now pushing the 6 month ones. I'm anxious to see your height and weight at your 2 month check up! It would be HILARIOUS if you got your paw-paw's height gene and towered over your daddy and I.

8. You are the most perfect and precious little man in the world and we absolutely ADORE you!! I'm looking forward to many many more months of watching you grow!!!

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  1. Yes, it would be funny if Greyson got his Pawpaw's heighth! And, MC may take a growth spurt one day, who knows. It would be interesting for sure since all of Nsna's family are shorties. Even my Daddy was under 6', I think.


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