Friday, February 8, 2013

1 Month and Growing!

I hate that I have done such a horrible job documenting sweet Greyson's life thus far. However, with today being my sweet boy's one month birthday, I figured I should get on it. While I won't go back to the beginning and restate everything, I did want to record a few things we want to remember in this first month of getting to know our little man!

1. You are toxic. I kid you not. Your gas is so outrageous and your poop is so foul it could easily clear a small building. You stink, but we still love you ;)

2. You are king of the funny faces. My man, you make some HILARIOUS expressions - our favorites being the "deer-in-headlights" face, the "Im-making-toxic-poop" face, the "save-me-from-these-crazy-people" face, and the "old-man" face. Love it.

3. You LOVE your forehead being rubbed. It immediately makes you close your eyes and drift off to sleepy land.

4. MC requests Greyson dances almost every evening. Daddy bounces you up and down on the kitchen table and makes you dance. Sometimes like Michael Jackson, sometimes like Justin Beiber. You usually respond with your "save-me-from-these-crazy-people" face.

5. Your hair sticks straight up. Literally. It's ok. The ladies love a man with rocker hair.

6. You sound like a bulldog who has just run a marathon 99% of the time thanks to your acid reflux. We're trying to get it under control buddy. You've got the hair going on, but the snorting isn't exactly the ladies' thing...

7. You aren't nearly the fan of the lamb chair and lamb swing as your sister. One day will you like them? Please?

8. Your choice for background noise on the Homemedics sound machine is "ocean waves". You might take after mommy afterall... beach bums rule ;)

9. It irritaes you when MC plays with your hands. She can't help it - she's obsessed. Try to deal with it. It WILL get worse from here. At least she's not dressing you like a princess yet.

10. I'm considering letting you sleep in the car at night. Ok, not really.... but it would be awesome. You will go 5 hours without eating when we drive around in the car and carry you places in your carseat, but I'll be darned if you don't wake up every 3 hours at night for a bottle. Maybe we can make some adjustments to the pack-n-play so that it LOOKS like a car...would that work for you?

11. At your one month check up you were 10lbs 7.5oz (55%) and 23 inches long (95%). Don't get excited, this is probably the only point in your life where you will be in the top percentage for your height. You aint got a chance between me and your daddy.

12. You tend to fuss for no reason, stink to high heaven, have projectile spit ups, and want to eat all the time - but, ya know what? We love you more than you will EVER know little Grey and we wouldn't trade it for the world!! :)

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  1. it, Mom! Can't wait to hold little stinkpot...I think. ;-)


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